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Category: Environment
Vocabulary list of 7 words and definitions related to Our Living World. This was designed for a Wolf Cub Scout achievement, but it would be appropriate for any conservation lesson for young children.
This list has 7 words, 7 definitions, and 0 pictures.
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Words and Definitions in this list:

water: It takes energy to make clean drinking _______. Don't waste _______ by leaving the faucet on when you brush your teeth. -- recycle: It is better to _______ paper, plastic, and glass than to throw it away. -- electricity: We can save _______ if we turn off the lights when we leave a room. -- refrigerator: Our _______ uses a lot of energy to make cold air. One way to save energy is to keep the _______ door closed. -- everyone: _______ must work together to keep our land and air clean. -- litter: We _______ when we throw trash on the ground instead of putting it in the garbage or recycling it. Every time we _______, it makes our land and water a little dirtier. -- gas: We use less _______ when we walk or bike instead of driving. This is another way to use less energy.