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Category: Astronomy
Vocabulary list of 14 words and definitions related to Astronomy Belt Loop for Cub Scouts. Cubs must learn these astronomy terms to earn the belt loop.
This list has 14 words, 14 definitions, and 0 pictures.
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Words and Definitions in this list:

star: An object that shines because of energy being released by nuclear reactions in its core -- galaxy: A group of stars, gas, and dust which is held together by gravity -- comet: A frozen mass of dust and gas which revolves around the sun -- universe: This is made up of all types of matter and energy which are thought to exist physically -- Milky Way: Our galaxy! -- star map: A map of the night sky -- meteor: A streak of light, also known as a shooting star, which occurs when a meteorite enters earth's atmosphere -- red giant: A large, cool star -- solar system: A group of planets orbiting the star Sol, which is another name for our sun -- moon: A natural satellite which orbits a planet -- asteroid: A rock, smaller than a planet, which orbits the sun -- black hole: The space around a small, massive object which has so much gravity that light can't even escape -- planet: An object moving around a star -- white dwarf: A small, dense star