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Category: Environment
Vocabulary list of 19 words and definitions related to Environmental Science Merit Badge
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NICHE: The position of an organism or group of organisms within an ecosystem or the conditions making possible a habitat -- HYBRID VEHICLE: A vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to move the vehicle -- CONSERVATION: An ethic of resource use, allocation, exploitation, and protection. Its primary focus is upon maintaining the health of the natural world: its forests, fisheries, habitats, and biological diversity. Secondary focus is on materials conservation and energy -- POPULATION: The collection of people, or organisms of a particular species, living in a geographic area -- THREATENED SPECIES: An animal or plant species under a serious, but perhaps not imminent, threat of extinction -- OZONE: An allotrope of oxygen that is much less stable than the diatomic O2. Ground-level ozone is an air pollutant with harmful effects on the respiratory systems of animals. The ozone layer in the upper atmosphere filters potentially damaging ultraviolet light -- ECOSYSTEM: A community of organisms (plant, animal and other living organisms) together with their environment (or biotope), functioning as a unit -- ENDANGERED SPECIES: A species whose population is so small that it is in danger of becoming extinct -- BROWNFIELD: An abandoned or underused industrial or commercial facility available for re-use -- AIRSHED: A part of the atmosphere that behaves in a coherent way with respect to the dispersion of emissions -- COMMUNITY: A social group of organisms sharing an environment, normally with shared interests -- FUEL CELL: An electrochemical conversion device. It produces electricity from fuel (on the anode side) and an oxidant (on the cathode side), which react in the presence of an electrolyte -- POLLUTION PREVENTION: An activity that reduces the amount of pollution generated by a process, whether it is consumer consumption, driving, or industrial production -- SYMBIOSIS: An interaction between two organisms living together in more or less intimate association or even the merging of two dissimilar organisms -- BIOSPHERE: That part of a planet's terrestrial system— including air, land and water— in which life develops, and which life processes in turn transform -- WATERSHED: The region drained into a river, river system or other body of water -- EXTINCTION: the disappearance of a species or group of species -- NONPOINT SOURCE: Pollutants that enter our water system from runoff that cannot be traced to a single identifiable point or source -- HABITAT: The place where a particular organism usually lives or grows