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Category: Christmas
37 words, pictures, and clues related to Christmas and winter.
This list has 37 words, 37 definitions, and 37 pictures.
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Words and Definitions in this list:

hat: What's on St. Nick's head? -- penguin: This bird doesn't mind the cold. -- wreath: This circular decoration is hung on doors, over the mantle, or in windows. -- stocking: This is hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there. -- ornament: Hang many of these on the tree to make it festive -- snowman: Frosty was one of these creatures. -- envelope: The postman brings you one of these with a Christmas card inside. -- bells: These musical instruments ring during the holidays -- candy cane: This red and white candy is shaped like a shepherd's crook. -- mittens: What's on Santa's hands? -- gingerbread man: This spicy fellow is decorated with buttons and a face after he comes out of the oven. -- angel: These mystical creatures bring news of joy at Christmas -- balloons: These decorations are filled with air or helium. -- bows: Ties these ribbon decorations on packages or around the house. -- candle: Light one of these for a holiday mood. -- tree: Decorate an evergreen and enjoy it during the holidays -- cupcake: Enjoy a small sweet treat with frosting on top. -- donut: Have a circle shaped pastry for breakfast. -- elf: This small creature helps Santa Claus. -- gift: Give presents to the people you care about. -- bags: If you don't wrap your present in a box, you might put it in one of these. -- tags: use these to identify who each wrapped present is for. -- heart: This shape represents love. -- holly: This evergreen shrub has pointy leaves and red berries. -- home: There's no place like this for the holidays. -- horseshoe: Hang one of these up to catch some good luck. -- lamp: Carolers sing under one of these on the street so they can see their music. -- North Pole: This is where Santa Claus lives. -- school: Kids are happy because they don't go here during the holidays. -- reindeer: These animals pull St. Nick's sleigh. -- sack: St. Nicholas uses this to carry his gifts. -- boot: This keeps Santa's feet warm. -- Santa Claus: Also known as St. Nicholas and Father Christmas -- snow: This is what makes a white Christmas. -- snow globe: Shake up this decoration and it looks like snow is falling inside of it. -- star: Put one of these on top of your tree to show the way. -- candy: Small pieces of sugary goodness are wrapped and put in a stocking.